The Danger are an italian rock band who formed in Bellaria (RN) in 1998. The band consists of lead singer Marco Spinelli (1962),  rhythmic guitarist Giorgio Crociati (1953), lead guitarist Denis Bedetti (1967), drummer Stefano Vasini (1974), bassist Nicola Sbrighi (1991). Five members of a longstanding experience, above all the singer ”Spino”, amazing frontman of Vanexa, (one of the first heavy metal band in Italy (1982) internationally appreciated with two LPs (1982 e 1984)

The first italian compilation was “Metallo Italia”, with interviews on video music (a kind of old italian MTV),  RAI (RAI1 - RAI3) and reviews on a lot of european heavy metal magazines

The Danger, after a while in playing covers, they decided to make their own original music.
The main features of their sound are melody, a thumping rhythm and all the lyrics written in a very clear, ironic and explicit italian.

Until 2016 The Danger made three new self-produced albums (Generezione rock 2004, Duri a morire 2009 e Torno al porno 2011) with a different name: Danger Zone Band.

On January 2017 they changed their name in,  "The Danger” producing their fourth album, namesake.

"The Danger" is recordered in italian and in english too, hoping to be able to share they music in Europe.

in Memory of  Danger Zone Band:





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